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Create authentic conversations with brand advocates

Needle identifies and recruits your best customers through social media channels, partner networks and customer references. Then, we certify that they have the right amount of knowledge, passion and personality to convert browsers into buyers for your brand.

Needle uses third-party, independent experts who truly believe in your brand and sets them up through live chat to talk to your customers online.

Leverage your brand with a fully integrated live chat interface

Build your brand through exceptional customer experience

How you treat your customers reflects your brand. Needle advocates bring new life to the customer experience. Shoppers don’t just want to have their questions answered, they want to feel important. The passion advocates bring to the table make the difference. Use needle advocates to:

  • Extend your existing customer service efforts
  • Give expert advice from those who love your products
  • Provide online chat from your website to answer customer questions, take on sales and product conversations, and upsell shoppers to new products.

Needle finds, trains, and retains the best product experts to be advocates.

TaylorMade golf expert, Jason

Supplement your sales team

Insert brand advocates at the right moment in the sales process.

  • Extend live chat hours and expand your team without additional FTE’s
  • Create flexible teams that grow to cover high selling times such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Let Needle do all the work of finding and enabling product experts
  • Build passion in the sales model with people who have actually used and recommend your products

Reduce management and costs of internal teams

All managers of sales and customer support teams know that managing an internal team is difficult. Scheduling, conflicts, costs, benefits, promotions, etc. all cut into the time spent taking care of the customer.

  • Outsource live sales chat to third-party experts
  • Needle finds, trains, encourages, and tracks advocates
  • No physical location required so you can find the best in the world, not just in your area
  • Find and keep the best, cut out the rest
Track the effectiveness of brand advocates with reports and analytics

Sales performance metrics at your fingertips

Needle tracks EVERYTHING! Get reporting on every detail of the sales chat process including revenue per chat, best performing chat agents, overall revenue influenced by chat, average order value. Track and review chat logs to help train and improve the process. Then work with the data to find and improve friction points.

“Excellent. Shocked at how good it was. Like being in the store, only better info. More knowledgeable.”

– Customer of footjoy.com

Let us show you how advocates effectively lead the way to a better online shopping experience.