Supplement Customer Service

Amazing customer experience, powered by passionate customers

Enhance your customer experience by using advocates, your passionate customers, to help new online shoppers.

Needle builds teams of advocates, experts, or super-fans of your brand

Use brand champions, experts, or super-fans to represent your brand

Brand advocates are passionate about your products and services. Why not put them behind the wheel of live chat to provide an amazing customer experience? Needle finds advocates and trains them to interact with your customers as personal shopping guides to create a unique customer experience.

Your brand’s true value should be communicated by the people who understand it the most

Advocates are super-fans, not hired employees

Advocates are passionate. They share their excitement for your brand with their peers and give good advice on how to use and consume your products to everyone they know. Customers who are looking for help instantly know there’s something special about advocates.

"Crystal’s [a Needle Advocate] response to me was very friendly and handled quickly. Great customer service skills."

– Online Shopper of

Ecommerce businesses find power in letting their customers do the talking

Build your brand through exceptional customer experience

How you treat your customers reflects your brand. Needle advocates bring new life to the customer experience. Shoppers don’t just want to have their questions answered, they want to feel important. The passion advocates bring to the table make the difference. Use Needle advocates to:

  • Extend your existing customer service efforts
  • Give expert advice from those who love your products
  • Provide online chat from your website to answer customer questions, take on sales and product conversations, and upsell shoppers to new products

Needle finds, trains, and retains the best product experts to be advocates.

Connect third-party super-fans or advocates to your online customers through live chat

Reduce returns, increase upsell, and let Needle do the work

Using internal teams can be a challenge when it comes to scheduling, motivating, and scaling.

  • Supplement your existing customer service chat team, especially during peak hours or after business hours
  • Staff up for holiday shopping and critical shopping times, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Don’t be geo-bound; get product experts from around the globe

"Brooks W. [a Needle advocate] was the standard to which all customer service personnel should aspire to"

– Customer of

Let us show you how advocates effectively lead the way to a better online shopping experience