Expand Sales Team

Increase chat conversations and revenue without increasing headcount

Give your online shoppers a friend or advocate to guide them to purchase decisions.

Needle builds teams of advocates, experts, or super-fans of your brand

Advocates, ambassadors, or experts create authentic conversations

Truly connecting with your potential customers doesn’t always happen through your internal sales team. Online shoppers know when they are being sold to. Regurgitated marketing information from someone that may only have the product experience of what they’ve seen through demonstration doesn’t sell to customers.

Needle uses third-party, independent experts who truly believe in your brand and sets them up through live chat to talk to your customers online.

Your brand’s true value should be communicated by the people who understand it the most

Advocates are super-fans, not hired salespeople

Advocates are passionate. They share their excitement for your brand and give good advice on how to use and consume your products to everyone they know. Consumers instantly tell the difference between someone who is passionate and someone who is driven by a sales quota.

"Jackie [a Needle Advocate] responded immediately. On other websites you can tell the person is chatting with more people they can handle leaving the customer to wait and wait for a response. Great job!"

– Online Shopper of adorama.com

TaylorMade golf expert, Jason

Supplement your sales team

Insert brand advocates at the right moment in the sales process.

  • Extend live chat hours and expand your team without additional FTE’s
  • Create flexible teams that grow to cover high selling times such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Let Needle do all the work of finding and enabling product experts
  • Build passion in the sales model with people who have actually used and recommend your products

Reduce management and costs of internal teams

All managers of sales and customer support teams know that managing an internal team is difficult. Scheduling, conflicts, costs, benefits, promotions, etc. all cut into the time spent taking care of the customer.

  • Outsource live sales chat to third-party experts
  • Needle finds, trains, encourages, and tracks advocates
  • No physical location required so you can find the best in the world, not just in your area
  • Find and keep the best, cut out the rest
Track the effectiveness of brand advocates with reports and analytics

Sales performance metrics at your fingertips

Needle tracks EVERYTHING! Get reporting on every detail of the sales chat process including revenue per chat, best performing chat agents, overall revenue influenced by chat, average order value. Track and review chat logs to help train and improve the process. Then work with the data to find and improve friction points.

Incentivize and Gamify

Keep your advocates and sales teams engaged. Gamify and incentivize sales activity online with powerful Needle tools.

"Most helpful of ANY online chat service I have ever HAD – bonus points for working on a SUNDAY!!!!"

– Online shopper at bareneccesities.com

Let us show you how advocates effectively lead the way to a better online shopping experience