Brand Marketing

Brand advocates build brands

The brand is everything. Giving your customers the best online experience builds your brand. Use passionate brand experts for online sales chat.

Needle builds teams of advocates, experts, or super-fans of your brand

Use brand champions, experts, or super fans to represent your brand

Advocates are raving fans of your products and they are willing to share their positive experiences with others. Needle finds, trains, and coordinates advocates to create real conversations with your online shoppers creating a truly unique customer experience. This leads to happy customers, increased revenues, and brands that never die.

Your brand’s true value should be communicated by the people who understand it the most

Advocates are super-fans, not hired employees

Advocates are passionate. They share their passion for your brand with those they talk with and give authentic advice on how to use and consume your products to everyone they know. Consumers know the difference between someone who is passionate and experience versus someone who is driven by a sales quota.

"I used to travel on [a competitor] previous to this and received nothing like the help that Mary provided. She did a great job."

– Online Shopper of

Leverage your brand with a fully integrated live chat interface

Build an experience to match your brand

Your brand is so much more than a logo. It’s how you treat your customers.

  • Match advocates to online shoppers via live chat to answer product questions
  • Provide passionate knowledge through those who actually used your products and services and love them!
  • Provide live chat at the exact right point in the sales cycle
  • Integrate live chat on your website that matches your branding

Reach out to customers on a personal level

No more faceless corporation. Your brand is about connecting with customers one-to-one on a personal level. Needle provides a platform to engage your online shoppers with real, human interactions so you can provide truly authentic communications.

Connect third-party super-fans or advocates to your online customers through live chat

Build a brand who loves their customers

Brands live or die by their customers. Angry consumers who leave bad reviews can be avoided by answering their questions and meeting their expectations. Providing online chat to get direct answers from passionate advocates not only reduces returns and ultimately lowers customer support costs, but builds your brand. People need to feel important and when they get honest, direct answers to their questions instantly, they will come back for more. That’s why conversion rates for our customers reach 24X over normal online shoppers.

"Excellent. Shocked at how good it was. Like being in the store, only better info. More knowledgeable."e;

– Customer of

Let us show you how advocates effectively lead the way to a better online shopping experience