Ecommerce professionals know the value of differentiating their online shopping experience from others. Browse this information to discover how customers effectively use Needle and demonstrate how Needle increases revenues and builds strong customer relationships.

Needle Success Stories

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines

    Norwegian Cruise Line has an strong online presence but wanted to catch the authenticity of the customer voice. See how NCL implemented Needle on their website to achieve 150% ROI.

  • Newegg

    Predictively targeting and segmenting allows Newegg to focus their chat reps time and resources on boosting sales help, driving higher conversions, upselling for AOV lifts, keeping the focus on revenue.

  • Horizon Hobby

    From Horizon Hobby’s Facebook page, they knew they had some amazing and strong followers. To bolster customer service and provide expert knowledge to their line of RC-focused hobbies, Horizon selected Needle.

White Papers

  • 3 Reasons Your Customers Trust Strangers More Than You

    According to Forrester, more than one-third of consumers trust a stranger’s opinion on public forums or blogs more than they trust branded advertisements and marketing collateral. Needle harnesses this power by finding those who are passionate about your brand and connecting them with your future customers. Find out why this is so effective.

  • The Evolution of Chat

    Over the last four decades, online chat has created unprecedented opportunities for retailers, but it’s also fallen short in innovation and crucial elements of the shopping experience. Needle brings advocates to online chat for ecommerce. Discover how.

  • The Next Wave of Advocacy

    Advocates are your brand’s most effective, influential, and under-used sales force. They offer customers an authentic human connection in a world increasingly driven by self-service technology. In the age of Amazon, companies that enable their advocates to create a differentiated customer experience and inspire customer loyalty. We call this the next wave of advocacy.

  • The Power of the People

    Tactics like paid search (PPC) and rewards programs reliably generate leads and sales but do so without ever reaching customers on a personal level. If marketers can’t create an emotional connection between brand and customer that compels customers to buy more and more often, they will spend a disproportionate amount of their budget trying to recapture the same customers.


  • Build a brand-centric ecommerce website

    Build a brand-centric ecommerce website

    If you believe brand marketing is a thing of the past, think again. Brands are bigger and better in this modern digital age. But with ecommerce becoming a very crowded space, how do you differentiate your brand? What makes people … Continued

  • Why Live Chat Provides Great Online ROI

    As an ecommerce professional, you’ve considered many different methods and tools to attract customers to your website. But have you considered what drives business, what makes a unique customer experience, and what actually brings a customer back to your website? … Continued

  • Eight Essentials to Selling with Online L...

    For the ecommerce professional, 80% of the battle is getting customers to your website. Don’t lose the war because you weren’t able to help them buy. Put these eight selling tips to work when using sales chat and increase conversions, … Continued

  • How to choose live chat software

    Ecommerce professionals are always striving for a better customer experience. A popular method is to provide real-time answers through online live chat software. With the thousands of choices for online chat — even free options in CRM and online shopping … Continued

  • Ecommerce: Differentiate Through Authenti...

    Online shoppers must have an exceptional experience for them to return to a site outside of Amazon. What brings a customer to a brand’s website and keeps them coming back for more? Ecommerce professionals tend to focus on efficiency and … Continued

  • What is the Best Way to Outsource Live Ch...

    Ecommerce looks for ways to make a better customer experience for brands and online shopping. Live chat is a great choice to help customers with product choices, answer customer service questions, get product support, and more. Many ecommerce companies look to … Continued

  • How is Live Chat Effective for Converting...

    Ecommerce websites are in the business of selling products en masse but struggle with the faceless perception of a corporation. Without making a meaningful experience for shoppers, these sites will lose the sale. How do you increase online sales, create an … Continued

  • Online Retailers Differentiate by Making ...

    Online retailers rely on good deals and an aggressive marketing or sales approach to win online sales. But what really wins over the consumer is the personalized approach; making a deep connection with online shoppers that will keep them coming … Continued

  • Personalized Customer Experience Brings M...

    The customer experience is just as important to online ecommerce vendors as it is in-store, and increasingly more so. It’s no longer acceptable to think of one channel as being able to offer a complete and satisfying customer experience. Leaving … Continued

  • Ecommerce Sites: Supplement Customer Revi...

    While advocates have long been a holy grail of marketers, the social tools that have come with the Internet— customer review sites and social media, to name a couple—have dominated the conversation. This has persisted to the point that online … Continued

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