Chatbots and remote service representatives are driving shoppers and revenue from your website

Shoppers know when they’re talking to a bot or an outsourced live chat representative. And the experience is too often the same. The conversation stalls, their questions go unanswered and they leave your website in search of a better solution.


Ecommerce businesses that care about service let their customers do the talking

Your best customers offer authentic conversation based on genuine, positive experiences with your products and services. With Needle, they become your brand advocates, helping shoppers build trust with your brand and make faster and easier purchasing decisions.


Your brand’s true value should be communicated by the people who understand it the most

Shoppers should interact with people whose appreciation for your brand comes from positive, first-hand experience with your products. Brand advocates know how to lead them down the path to purchase because they’ve walked it themselves.


Build your team of brand advocates with Needle

Needle finds, assembles and trains a team of brand advocates to help shoppers on your website. We make sure a brand advocate is always available through live chat or email to answer questions, make recommendations, and direct shoppers to products.

Meet a brand advocate

Brand advocates can be anybody – insurance agents, professional chefs, Division I athletes, even doctors.

“Where else can you share your love for products you already own from your own personal perspective?!”



Coach Advocate

“…because of the deep appreciation we have for the brand, we are able to give a more personalized shopping experience than most brick-and-mortar retailers.”



TaylorMade Advocate

“I love that I can have fun, be sincere and passionate in all of my interactions! I get to go overboard with sharing what I know, as well as talk with fellow gamers!”



Newegg Advocate

Start helping shoppers make better purchasing decisions
by letting your brand advocates lead the way