The Needle Difference

Brand advocate live chat for ecommerce

Everything your ecommerce business needs to bring personalized service and real conversations to the online shopping experience

Needle connects people

You have an organic community of brand advocates, and thousands of shoppers visiting your website every day. Why not put them together?

Needle finds fanatics, enthusiasts, advocates, experts, whatever you want to call them and puts them together with your online customers to create a unique and effective shopping experience.



  • It’s way more than chat

    Feel the difference when you match people who are passionate about your brand to potential buyers. Customers feel they got a REAL conversation and a REAL experience, not just some sales person or bot.

  • Qualify buyer intent

    Needle’s intelligent targeting precisely inserts brand advocates at the right stage in the buying cycle. Qualify customers with real intent, then connect them with experts to influence the purchase decision, increase average order value, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Get the most from your brand

    You’ve spent years building a brand. Don’t take your customers out of the experience you’ve built with a generic chat widget. Needle offers full customization that fits your brand and seamlessly integrates it into your website.

  • Don’t just chat about products, show them

    Visual product sharing allows advocates to share products and services with actionable visuals, not just URL links. Take them to the recommended product without losing communication.

  • It’s not just anyone, it’s the best of the best

    Needle does the work of finding those who are extraordinarily passionate about your brand. Then qualifies and trains them to interact with your customers.

  • Build real relationships with customers

    Shoppers want a personalized experience and online ecommerce sites find it difficult to connect to customers at a personal level. Needle hits it out of the park to by building relationships that understand shoppers’ need and offers them solutions.

Put shoppers on the best path to purchase by letting the people who love your brand guide the way.