Leverage your brand with a fully integrated live chat interface

There are no live chat solutions as configurable and customizable to your brand as Needle. Create real conversations that fit your brand and style.

  • On-brand experience that fits the look and style of your website
  • Incorporate logo, colors, images, copy, and font of your website
  • Pick the right placement and location for the Needle chat window

Earn shopper’s trust with brand advocate profiles

Distinguish your live chat experience with brand advocate profiles. Shoppers instantly sense this is something unique when they see they’re talking to a real person with real passion for your products. Instantly gain shopper’s trust.

  • Customizable profile section
  • Short biography
  • Picture
  • Qualifications

Create real conversations with a real human!


Guide shoppers and upsell with visual product sharing

Leverage product images that link directly to the product page, giving shoppers a better look at the products you recommend.

  • Shoppers are more likely to purchase something they can see
  • Guide shoppers straight to a product
  • All product recommendations are preserved in the chat conversation for future reference

Make the shopping experience a personal and effective one and increase average order values for each purchase.


Prioritize mobile shoppers with clean, responsive chat

Needle is mobile-first application, ensuring your shoppers enjoy a premium experience regardless of what device they’re using.

  • Mobile-first, responsive design
  • Customizable to your mobile site
  • Clean and simple interface that won’t obstruct the mobile experience

Put shoppers on the best path to purchase by letting the people who love your brand guide the way.