We find your brand advocates

Needle identifies and recruits your best customers through social media channels, partner networks and customer references. Then, we certify that they have the right amount of knowledge, passion and personality to convert browsers into buyers for your brand.

America Apparel Advocate

We train them to sell your products

Needle tailors our platform to your brand’s needs so users can start conversations, suggest relevant products, and drive shoppers toward a specific purchase. Then, we show your brand advocates how to help shoppers make better buying decisions.

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We connect them with shoppers

Using the Needle platform, brand advocates engage your website visitors in a genuine conversation. Shoppers get their questions answered, build trust with your brand, and make faster, easier purchasing decisions.

We bring you new customers

We bring you new customers

With Needle, brannd experts create the optimal online shopping experience for new customers increasing your revenue, your average order value and size, and your conversions by as much as 10X. Advocates are your brand’s new best friend.

Put shoppers on the best path to purchase by letting the people who love your brand guide the way.