Why Live Chat Provides Great Online ROI

As an ecommerce professional, you’ve considered many different methods and tools to attract customers to your website. But have you considered what drives business, what makes a unique customer experience, and what actually brings a customer back to your website? Many brands turn to live sales chat to create a memorable online shopping experience.

But does live sales chat on your website really drive sales? The answer is simple, heck yeah! There are many studies that prove simply adding live chat to your online store leads to happier customers and increase sales. It reduces the sales cycle, decreases cart abandonment, increases the average order value (AOV), and ultimately gives you a better return on your investment (ROI).

How does sales chat increase ROI?

Needle provides advocate-lead sales chat and constantly tracks statics for its ecommerce customers. They have discovered that using outsourced teams or internal teams greatly increases sales for an online website by an average of 5% – 12%. Later we’ll discuss Needle customers who greatly exceeded these averages.

When tracking the overall value of live sales chat for your website, you need to track in several different areas.

  1. Overall revenue uplift – When you add technology to your website, is it helping to increase the overall revenue? Chat is proving to indeed increase the revenue of many popular ecommerce sites, some of which we will discuss later.
  2. Average Order Value (AOV) – When a customer comes to the website, are they buying a $200 or $6000 bicycle, for instance? Maybe they started with a less-expensive item but found that an upgrade would help their overall experience. Or maybe they needed to add-on additional items like clothing and helmets to the purchase. Sales chat gives you an opportunity to increase the overall order value with add-ons and upsells.
  3. Conversion rate – How many shoppers graze or browse your website? Using chat at the right moments in the sales cycle will increase your conversion rate and decrease abandoned carts.
  4. NPS score – Many websites want to track customers satisfaction. NPS or Net Promoter Score guages customer satisfaction and predicts if customers will return. Brands like Apple and BMW have amazing NPS scores (+70) because they know the value of their customers and they create raving fans.

All of these factors lead to ROI. How much uplift is caused by implementing a chat solution vs how much the solution will cost.

Expect results when using live sales chat

As I mentioned, Needle constantly tracks customers to determine ROI. Here are a couple of companies that discovered the value of online sales chat using Needle’s unique advocate-powered chat:

  • Coach used online sales chat to provide an online personal shopper. Online shoppers could ask about fashion advice and often received recommendations for additional fashion accessories. Their return on their investment is 25X their initial investment in online chat software, including the cost of outsourcing their chat reps.
  • NewEgg focuses on a targeted customer segment and injects live sales chat at the right moment in the sales cycle to boost sales. They were able to increase the conversion rate by 8.75X and came out 18.2X their initial investment.  
  • Norwegian Cruise Line needed a way to have a dialog with their online customers to give them expert cruising information. For those who have never been on a cruise or those who would like a unique experience, having an online chat to answer customers questions greatly influenced the purchase process. Their conversion rate increased 24X and they were easily able to get an astounding 151X return on their investment.

With these results, it’s imperative to get live sales chat for your website. However, there are stumbling blocks. Many websites simply employ their internal sales teams for chat agents and install chat software that they get for free from their CRM. Make sure you pick the right solution for both your chat software and your chat agents.

Even Better ROI with Advocate-lead Sales Chat

In this series of Needle blogs, we’ve discussed the differences between internal and outsourced teams for those behind the curtains. Needle is different. They use your best customers, your raving fans, the experts who have used and loved your product to interact with your future customers.

Implementing live chat to boost sales on your website is becoming more and more critical to your success. Companies who do will see an immediate value and a rapid return on their investment (ROI). By the end of this year, 16% of business websites will have implemented a live chat solution for sales.

If you want to hit it out of the park and give your online customers a truly unique experience, try Needle.

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