When it comes to running any successful ecommerce store, many people view marketing and customer service as two separate entities. The truth is, marketing and customer service have a harmonious relationship, in which both disciplines work together to drive the growth and success of your business. In fact, your most important marketing tool is customer service, as it touches your customers directly. If you want to master a successful marketing strategy for your ecommerce store that nurtures leads and obtains conversions, you’ll need to master customer service first.

Outstanding customer service motivates higher spending decisions to increase AOV

Both marketing and customer service aim to attract and retain customers to achieve profitability for your ecommerce store more easily. When both efforts are done correctly, your business’s profitability improves. 86% of customers will pay up to 25% more when they have a good experience with customer service. When customers spend more money, their average order value (AOV) increases. Customer service and profitability are directly related in this way, which is why outstanding customer service is crucial to ecommerce success.

Customer service helps guide consumers at every stage of the buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey is a complicated one. Marketing efforts should work to make the purchasing cycle effortless, but with multiple factors that can affect the buyer’s purchasing decisions, customer service can help to eliminate any potential complications. Whether the customer has a question about one specific product, or is visiting your website to learn more about your company, outstanding customer service has the ability to help complete the purchasing cycle at any stage. It guarantees that no matter your customer’s intention, they won’t feel lost when navigating your ecommerce site and services, which makes them more likely to convert or at the least dive into your products and services more thoroughly.

Brand advocacy as an effective form of ecommerce customer service

Brand advocacy bridges the gap between marketing and customer service. It allows people who are passionate about specific brands to share their experience and knowledge with customers. Needle uses brand advocacy in the smartest way possible. We connect visitors to your e-commerce website with brand advocates through live online customer chat. Live chat allows brand advocates to guide customers in real time smoothly through their buyer’s journey.

No matter where your buyer experiences friction or indecision, Needle’s brand advocates are there on-demand, ready to answer any questions or concerns that prevent them from committing to a purchase. Live online chat with brand advocates provides potential buyers with real advice from real people. Brand advocacy forms trust with the buyer that advertising and traditional marketing efforts do not. People trust real people in real-time. Needle’s online chat with brand advocates makes it easier for your ecommerce customer to commit and convert.

Excellent customer service motivates customers to leave excellent reviews

Excellent reviews are essential to any online business reputation as they build trust with potential new customers. A primary factor that affects a potential customer’s purchasing decision is how previous customers have interacted with your product and/or services.

A new survey conducted by Dimensional Research reveals that 90% of respondents who read customer reviews online said that positive online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Outstanding customer reviews are living proof that the products and services you offer are desirable and worthy of a purchase. It’s a chain reaction. Excellent customer service generates positive customer reviews, which attracts new customers and positively influences their buyer’s journey. This creates a sustainable purchasing cycle for any business.

Customer service increases customer loyalty

It’s no secret that customer loyalty is the key to success for any ecommerce store. You can pull ahead of your competition by delivering outstanding customer service that optimizes your customer’s buying experience. When customers are happy with their purchasing experience they become more likely to return and purchase again and thus become a loyal customer. Loyal customers make ecommerce profitability sustainable.

Customer service is by far your ecommerce store’s most important marketing tool, and optimizing customer service enables your customers to complete their buyer’s journey seamlessly. Utilize Needle’s brand advocacy and online chat to provide real-time advice from experts who are passionate about your products and can share their knowledge and experience with potential buyers.

Your ecommerce website has the potential to increase conversions, AOV, profitability, and customer loyalty, but it takes outstanding customer service to get there. You can achieve it all with Needle.

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