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I’ve been talking about live chat for ecommerce for so long, I neglect the core value of Needle. This week as I talked with Needle customers, I’m reminded why Needle is successful.

Needle has an amazing live chat platform for sales and customer service for your website. But there are literally thousands of software companies that offer chat at a cheaper price.

What makes Needle better, faster, stronger than just any old live chat? Needle’s secret formula is hiring and training your super fans, experts, and ambassadors of your brand and putting them behind website live chat.

This is a different model than simple outsourcing. It’s even better! Advocates are super fans of your brand having “been there, done that.” Imagine taking your best customers worldwide and putting them in front of online shoppers.

Here’s how Needle’s unique chat model is seen through a shopper’s eyes:

“Having Jamie (a BareNecessities advocate) on chat was as easy as having a friend in the store with me.”

Super Fans on Live Chat are Super Amazing!

Why buy Needle? I’ll be straight with you.  It’s more expensive than just getting your inside sales teams or customer service teams to act as chat agents for your website. Where Needle shows you the value is by putting someone without a sales quota in the driver’s seat. Someone who legitimately loves your product and loves to talk about it with all their friends and online.

Advocate vs Inside Sales on live chat
Who would you rather be chatting with about golf clubs?

Which of these two gentlemen pictured above would you like to talk to regarding a new driver you’ve been looking to purchase on I know what you’re thinking, the guy on the right might actually play golf. But the guy on the left is a golf pro. He’s taught others to improve their game and has played quite a few TaylorMade clubs.

This is the Needle difference. He’s not some ambitious salesman with a quota trying to sell to your online shoppers. He’s a true professional with something to say about your brand and your products.

BTW: The picture on the left is an actual Needle advocate.

Super-fans, Product Experts, Brand Advocates Will Sell More

Time and again Needle proves that advocates sell products. How? With real-world data. Website visitors who interact with a Needle advocate via chat are 10X more likely to purchase your product.

People sniff out salesmen. They can tell the difference between someone who carries a quota and spouts marketing text versus someone who truly loves the product or service. Here are two typical conversations:

Chat with internal Sales

Shopper: I’m looking for a driver to improve my game.

Salesman: I’m not sure about your game, but there are several drivers that are on sale this week including the M5.

Shopper: OK. How will it improve my game?

Salesman: Every M5 driver head has been individually calibrated to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed.

Now compare this to someone who really knows:

Needle Advocate Chat:

Shopper: I would like a new driver to improve my game

Advocate: Awesome, As a golf pro, I’ve helped many people improve their game. What is your handicap?

Shopper: -2 and I’m a lefty

Advocate: Great. I would try the M5 or M4. I’ve played them both and I’ve seen great results with both on left-handed golfers.

See the difference?

The first is selling quota to make his/her numbers. The second is a true fan and can instantly be trusted by online shoppers. It’s like shopping with a golf pro or even a friend.

Having a personal shopper like this on your website will greatly improve conversion and it will also define your brand. If you are to compete with Amazon and other retail stores, you need to define the experience. Providing a unique, helpful, and amazing customer experience will gain you a customer for life and will outweigh all other considerations when purchasing your products.

“Chat is an awesome idea! Drew [a chat agent and advocate on] is very experienced, smart and has a passion for golf and for the company! He has helped steer me into purchasing Taylormade for the first time! I’ve been a long time Nike purchaser but we know how that ended.”

Premium Brands Deserve Premium Experiences

Why do you buy a BMW? Because they have built a brand around “the ultimate driving machine.” People who buy the car pay the premium because they know that a BMW will be exciting to drive and that the company guarantees and warranties their car.

Needle is a premium live chat brand designed to help your premium brand. We are not just another chat platform for your ecommerce website. We offer white glove service that finds super-fans, experts, or advocates, trains them, schedules them, and uses them as chat agents for your website.

The World Wide Web is worldwide and so should you be. Needle goes beyond the service agent that you could hire in your local geo to get experts from across the globe who are truly experts. They are the best of the best.

With the best in the world advocates of your brand talking to your customers, you can see how 10X sales are very achievable.

Advocates Like to Work When You Don’t

Many sales organizations would like to remain open 24/7, especially when their products are purchased most in the off hours when people come home from work. However, staffing is a nightmare. Getting a day shift, night shift, or swing shift is inherently difficult and near impossible.

Outsourcing directly brings in people who may be working on other brands as well as yours, leading to less-passionate chat agents with fewer skills.

Because Needle can find agents who also like to work on their off-hours, we can staff around the clock and on holidays. With Needle, you have the choice of full service or simply supplementing your in-house staff. Plus you get the passion and expertise of an advocate.

It’s worth taking a look at Needle and how they will help you bring the premium experience to your online customers.

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