Loosen the Reins for Authentic CX

By now, most brands have embraced the power of influencers on social media. In many cases, a brand can live or die by influencer reviews on social media. Paying popular influencers to endorse products on social media has become a … Continued

8X Lift in Conversions from Advocate-Powered CX

Customer service appliance and consumer electronics leader hhgregg is known for high customer satisfaction, but taking a process they’ve perfected and translating it online was another challenge. Needle connected hhregg’s advocates with their customers to offer a seamless, authentic experience … Continued

How Personalizing Your CX Boosts Your Sales

Entrepreneur recently shared 3 Ways to Create Customer Experiences That Boost Sales. Our favorite method? Personalization. “Customers expect VIP treatment from brands in both online and in person shopping experiences. Providing customers with the same personalized experience when shopping online … Continued

Customer to Brand: You Don’t Know Me

An eye-opening new study from IBM and eConsultancy tells us how customers really feel about brands: you don’t even know them. Only 37 percent of respondents believe their preferred retailer understands them as an individual Only 22 percent of respondents … Continued