3 Tips for Marketing to Today’s Shopper

Think of items you’ve purchased in the past month. How and where did you purchase these items? Did you speak with anyone before, during or after the process? Now, think of how you would have shopped for these same items … Continued

Ditch the Booth Babes

The hidden gem exhibitors should tap into for every tradeshow Booth Babes: we see them time and time again – effortlessly running on “smart treadmills” at CES (somehow not breaking a sweat) or sporting QR code-emblazoned tank tops at SXSW … Continued

CX Opportunities Will be Your Top Revenue Builder

Al Urbanski author of Forrester: A Top Notch Customer Experience is a Sure Revenue Builder writing for DMNews.com, covers a new Forrester report on the opportunity and correlation between customer experience and growing revenue. “High-quality CX is table stakes for … Continued

Loosen the Reins for Authentic CX

By now, most brands have embraced the power of influencers on social media. In many cases, a brand can live or die by influencer reviews on social media. Paying popular influencers to endorse products on social media has become a … Continued

8X Lift in Conversions from Advocate-Powered CX

Customer service appliance and consumer electronics leader hhgregg is known for high customer satisfaction, but taking a process they’ve perfected and translating it online was another challenge. Needle connected hhregg’s advocates with their customers to offer a seamless, authentic experience … Continued