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Kate Hansen: Dancing Olympian and Brand Advocate


Kate Hansen competes today at the Sochi 2014 Olympics and Needle couldn’t be more excited! While Kate Hansen was in training, pursuing her goal to go to the Olympics in luge, she was also advocating for one of Needle’s major electronics clients.

We got to know Kate Hansen luging her way around the world, trying to achieve her dream of going to the Olympics, and working as an advocate through Needle.

Kate traveled 8 months out of the year, mostly in Europe. Watching her teammates struggle to earn enough income to fund their passions during the few months they are in the U.S. made Kate really appreciate the ability to work consistently from anywhere, even in European cafes. Kate shared that for her to be able to work while she’s overseas is “Too good to be true.” Kate, who is never in one place for more than a week during the season, couldn’t hold a regular part time job, especially not one that allowed her to share her love of music and help people find the headphones and electronics that they love. Needle helped Kate support her training while advocating for one of her favorite brands.

Have you seen Kate Hansen’s moves?

Check them out here on NBC.com. Now you know why she makes such a great advocate for one of her favorite headphone brands. Not only did Kate Hansen qualify for the Olympics, she did it with a broken foot! We’re cheering her on today as she goes for the gold in luge, a sport in which the U.S. women have never earned a medal.

Go Kate!


Hey Needle, find me an advocate like Kate.

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