With ecommerce sales numbers continue to soar, companies know how important it is to reach customers wherever they are, especially online. The challenge is, despite the accessibility of the Internet, there is a lack of human connection and trust when consumers choose to shop online.

In fact, 84% of consumers will not even interact with a brand or content source unless they trust it (The Trust Factor: A National Study of U.S. Online Adults). And trust is one of the most difficult things for a company to acquire.

In addition to these challenges, consumers face the difficulty of sifting through less effective reviews, forums, and other media, to figure out for themselves if they can choose the right product, once they know what they want.

This extra layer of uncertainty prevents ecommerce customers from buying from you online.

Bringing the Human Element Back to Ecommerce

This human experience is one thing that brick and mortar stores have over online shopping. It’s the ability for shoppers to get guidance from other people who love the brand they do and can guide them to find what they need.

But the digital shopping experience can and should go deeper. In order to better help online shoppers, you need to tap into a human element in much the same way. By linking up customers who know your sizing and styles, and wear your merchandise every day, with other consumers, they can encourage them to buy and provide untapped knowledge at the same time.

Your best customers. Let’s call them advocates.

But offering loyalty points to these people so they speak up on social media, write reviews, or visit forums isn’t enough.

In order to truly help other consumers, they need to interact in real time at the very moment someone is deciding what to buy, while they shop your online store.

But how can we trust advocates to represent our brand the right way?

Your customers are already talking about you. You no longer control your brand.

By enabling your advocates to engage with shoppers in real-time on a website, using Needle as the platform, we know that shoppers will convert at a higher rate, buy more, and come back to buy more often. Here are some sample results from one of our ecommerce customers at Needle:

  • $136 Average AOV
  • 13% Average Conversion
  • 9 Average CSAT
  • 72 Average NPS
  • 461,000+ Interactions

The bottom line is, with Needle, shoppers feel a human connection to your brand while interacting with advocates, consumers just like them, they convert higher, buy more, and buy more often.

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