How much does live sales chat increase conversion?

Ecommerce professionals know that live sales chat for your online store is a great way to offer your customer direct communication to you and your brand.  When casual buyers interact with an expert through live sales chat, they are more likely to convert to a customer.

This article focuses on live sales chat. There are other articles that will go into the details of how chat can offer exceptional customer service. This is not one of them. I’m talking about sales. How do you convert website traffic into tangible business? Live chat is an excellent way to connect with browsers and convert them to sales.

Live chat for your online store has been proven to be effective, but by how much? Here’s a case study based on actual data gathered for one of our customers here at  Needle.

Effective Live Chat

Live chat tools for your online store are a dime a dozen. Everyone seems to offer a live chat tool for your website and mentions their superiority. However, for this article, I’m going to concentrate on Needle live sales chat powered by third-party advocates.

Needle provides both the tools and services to couple live chat for your ecommerce website with advocates. Advocates are third-party experts who follow and love your brand. Imagine someone who has purchased and used your products and is passionate about them. Needle puts them in the driver’s seat, trains them, and allows them to chat with your prospective customers.

Coupling advocates with live sales chat provides a winning formula that provides a one-two punch for converting your prospective customers into lifelong customers. Needle tracks intimate details of every chat session and reports back on conversion rates, ROI, average order value (AOV), and lifetime total value (LTV).

This unique formula really works, and the numbers are there to prove it.

Buy, Buy More, and Buy More Often

Let’s talk through a case study. The graph below is actual data coming from one of Needle’s clients. I’m not going to name the customer for this case study for the sake of their privacy, but there are plenty of case studies here. The statistics in the graph compare those who just come to the website versus those who use the online chat feature and interact with a brand advocate.

Now that you see the numbers, let me point out the power of having live chat powered by advocates. Only about 1.1% of the website traffic actually uses the chat features. However, those who used the chat features represents 9.7% of the orders and 11% of the revenue.

Giving customers a way to interact with your brand through advocates greatly effects your bottom line. Website users who interact with Needle live chat are 9.2 times more likely to finish their order. And they order more, in this case, 10% more.

The Power of Advocate-based Live Sales Chat

It’s not just this one case study. Needle has many examples of customers that realize the uplift in revenue when implementing Needle on their website. This one case study is fairly conservative as well. Here are some even better examples:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line: 24.3X conversion rate
  • Horizon Hobby: 26% AOV uplift
  • TaylorMade Golf: 82% AOV uplift
  • Bebe: 12.5X conversion rate

And the list goes on and on. With Needle’s reporting and analytics, you’ll be able to track all the intimate details of conversion rates, AOV, ROI, revenue, and much more. Using what you learn about live chat conversion rates, you will be able to compare it to other marketing activities and promotions. The hard numbers tell the facts and the facts prove that live sales chat coupled with brand advocates can increase conversion by a factor of 10 or more.

If you feel that your brand would benefit from personal attention to your online shoppers and would like this type of conversion rates from your website, it’s worth checking out what Needle can do for you.


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