Eight Essentials to Selling with Online Live Chat

For the ecommerce professional, 80% of the battle is getting customers to your website. Don’t lose the war because you weren’t able to help them buy. Put these eight selling tips to work when using sales chat and increase conversions, average order value (AOV), and site-wide revenue.

1. Mirror In-store Help

Don’t leave shopper to self serve. Provide sales assistance in your chats. One of the biggest frustrations shoppers have is the lack of expertise on the brand side of the conversation. Nearly half of the shoppers think sales chat help is the most vital tools a site can provide. Sales-chats in addition to customer support rounds out your online shopping experience to fit the level of assistance shoppers expect.

Mirror In-store help with sales chat

2. Understand Use-case

One of the driving factors causing hesitation in purchasing is a shopper’s uncertainty that the product will fit their use case. Understand what they are trying to accomplish so you can provide the appropriate insights, answers, and recommendations. Provide a truly curated customer experience and win their loyalty.

Understand use-case in a sales chat

3. Remove Roadblocks

Some are big while others are small. Either way, one of the best tips for selling is just removing roadblocks. You don’t need to put more marketing messaging on their heads; they need your help removing their hesitations, concerns, and questions — their roadblocks — and they will get themselves to purchase.

Remove roadblocks in a sales chat

4. Recommend Products

It might seem obvious, yet it is so rarely done. You can make tailored product recommendation where other brands are merely suggesting the most popular or best-selling products. Take their use-case into account and make a recommendation that fits. They will trust you more and increase their likelihood to buy from you.

Features product images in a sales chat

5. Feature Images

People shop visually, especially online shoppers. In fact, visuals increase a shopper’s likelihood to purchase by 80%. Don’t just send them links that take them surfing across your website from page to page. Let them see it in the chat when and where you’re talking about it.

6. Complete the Purchase

Brands and retailers dedicate millions in upsell/cross-sell research and testing to know what products to recommend in addition to a shopper’s initial products, which is no surprise given over 30% of shoppers continue looking post-purchase to complete their order. Put that research to further use and help your shoppers complement their purchase and increase your average order value (AOV) by 10-35%

Help customers complete the sale in a chat

7. Close the Sale

Indecision kills sales. You don’t need to be pushy. If you’ve removed the roadblocks and made the right recommendations, they’ll buy. Don’t lose to other brands, channels or worse, simple indecision. You have them at the virtual cash register. Close them!

Help shoppers close the sale on your website with sales chat

8. Track Sales and ROI

Knowing what conversations led to sales is pure gold. What gets measured gets improved, especially in sales. Buyer data improves targeting, conversation rates, user experience and revenue.

Track sales and ROI in sales chat

Couple sales chat best practices with the best chat tools

There is a glaring hole in most ecommerce sites today. Brands keep marketing when they should start selling, and what’s worse, they use support tools and personnel for sales assistance. Shoppers respond to sales chats with resounding results: they buy more frequently and make larger purchases with higher satisfaction. Great sales assistance is not just for brick and mortar. Differentiate your site and take the competitive advantage by providing your shoppers with expert sales tools and sales assistance.

Needle provides the leading ecommerce sales chat platform that empowers brands and retailers to target and engage their best traffic, drive higher conversion rates, provide a better customer experience, and capture consumer insight gold.

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