With 84 percent of customers unwilling to do business with an ecommerce website unless they trust it, building customer trust is essential. Yet, for most online shopping websites, building customer trust is a challenge Using your fanatical customers as brand advocates is an effective way to build customer trust and a better customer experience.

In one study, advocates were 70% more likely to be seen as a source of reliable information than a sales associate and 50% more likely to create content that influences a purchase on ecommerce websites. Needle takes advantage of the power of advocates to build trust by creating real-time, authentic online experiences between your brand’s fans and online shoppers.

Needle’s interactive live chat platform leverages this trust by engaging shoppers at the right moment in the purchasing decision to convert browsers to buyers, increase the average order value (AOV), decrease shopping cart abandonment, and create loyal lifetime customers.

Companies that integrate the Needle platform into their websites consistently experience 6-15 times higher conversion rates, a 15-30% increase in AOV, and an increase in Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by as much as 20 points for customers who interact with an advocate.

Needle Delivers a Better Customer Experience

As a best-in-class advocate-driven live chat technology, Needle offers exceptional performance and reliability that facilitates a remarkable and engaging sales experience for your shoppers.

  1. Secure and reliable platform. Needle is a cloud-based platform that uses industry standard security best practices. Chats default to a secure HTTPS connection and Needle does not gather personally identifiable information about the customer. Hosted by Amazon Web Services, Needle provides regional distribution and meticulous safeguards to ensure load times are unaffected. Maintenance windows are scheduled during low-traffic hours. After the initial implementation, Needle changes, such as new rules or creative changes to invites, etc., will not require modifications to your website.
  2. Responsive design. Needle’s customer interface uses modern responsive HTML code— code that can automatically scale for optimal display on any desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet—and can be embedded in a page or opened in another window, depending on shopper preference. More than 49% of U.S. adult Internet users use some combination of devices when shopping. A majority of users (67%) say they are more likely to buy or convert after a visit to a mobile-friendly site, with 61% saying they’ll “move on” if the site isn’t responsive. Needle is built to respond to customer demands and engage with shoppers when and how they want to engage.
  3. Scalable to meet high-traffic shopping conditions. Scalability is important, especially for events like Cyber Monday. Needle uses a distributed system that is linearly scalable. Needle service will match the size of your site based on its traffic.
  4. Maintains high availability. Needle maintains a 99.99% uptime/availability. In addition, advocate chat capacity may be available any time of day or night and can be guaranteed for any given hour in which there is a demand of at least 10 chats per hour. Needle continually monitors and optimizes the system to ensure performance and scalability.
  5. Support for all operating systems and browsers. For shoppers, the Needle platform is compatible with any modern browser that supports HTML5. To ensure a consistent experience, administration and internal screens are optimized for Chrome and Firefox.

Advocates Make a Better Customer Experience

Needle is not just an ecommerce chat platform; it is a real-time brand advocate-powered solution. To maximize its potential to engage your ecommerce customers and, in return, boost sales, it’s important that the Needle chat invite and dialogue box indicate the availability of an advocate expert and are integrated and branded to match your website and company style.

Unlike typical chats, where potential buyers may hesitate to chat because they don’t want to talk with someone in sales, Needle offers shoppers the opportunity to chat with someone they can relate to and trust.

In a Gartner blog post titled, “Just-in-Time Advocacy Marketing,” Hank Barnes focuses on the Needle solution and points out how important this distinguisher (real customers vs. sales associates) is and the two ways businesses can take full advantage of it:

  • Make it clear that these are not employees—they are real people just like your buyers. Barnes notes that a generic promotion like “Chat with an expert” is likely to be viewed by a visitor as an invitation to talk with an employee—with some level of skepticism about their real expertise (i.e. if they were a real expert, would they be spending their time responding to chats?). Instead, he offers the example of something like “Chat with a Happy Customer” that makes it clear shoppers will interact with customers, not sales associates.
  • Display the Needle chat invite prominently on your website. Even for shoppers who don’t want to chat, according to Barnes, the Needle chat invite will still increase confidence in your company. It also builds trust—potential buyers believe that what you are selling must be good if other customers are willing to take their time to chat about it.

Needle’s dedicated team creates the type of website branding that Barnes highlights as so necessary to success. Needle will work closely with your team on the colors, style, and wording of the Needle chat invitation and dialogue box so that it matches your brand guidelines and style while also adhering to proven best practices.

Take a moment to discover how Needle can use advocate-powered live chat make the difference on your ecommerce website and build real customer confidence today.

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