Super Fans Build your Brand and Sell More

I’ve been talking about live chat for ecommerce for so long, I neglect the core value of Needle. This week as I talked with Needle customers, I’m reminded why Needle is successful. Needle has an amazing live chat platform for … Continued

How to Measure Success of Live Chat on your Site

Many ecommerce professionals are realizing the benefits of live chat for their online stores. Live chat provides a great way to provide customer service and answer sales questions about product and services instantly. Customers can inquire about orders, get support, … Continued

How to choose live chat software

Ecommerce professionals are always striving for a better customer experience. A popular method is to provide real-time answers through online live chat software. With the thousands of choices for online chat — even free options in CRM and online shopping … Continued

3 Tips for Marketing to Today’s Shopper

Think of items you’ve purchased in the past month. How and where did you purchase these items? Did you speak with anyone before, during or after the process? Now, think of how you would have shopped for these same items … Continued

Ditch the Booth Babes

The hidden gem exhibitors should tap into for every tradeshow Booth Babes: we see them time and time again – effortlessly running on “smart treadmills” at CES (somehow not breaking a sweat) or sporting QR code-emblazoned tank tops at SXSW … Continued