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We are the pioneer in advocate-assisted commerce.

Uncovering the problem

Needle is founded on the frustrating experience of trying to buy a wetsuit online.

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Morgan Lynch knew there had to be a way to talk to someone credible, an expert who could offer insights on which competition wetsuit would give him an edge over his brother in a triathlon, but he couldn’t find the right help. Morgan turned to Mikko Valimaki and Joey Dempster, to create a different kind of online customer experience.

Comprising the team

When setting out to develop a completely new way of thinking about the online customer experience you’ll need the smartest, toughest, most driven crew around...and a bus.

Needle Bus

Building a business on values

Our seven values keep us true to our mission of becoming the most trusted enabler of authentic customer experiences. In other words, Needle’s DNA.

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Be yourself, while continually improving.

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Be positively contagious, inspiring others to perform better.

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Thinking Big

Define, communicate, and execute bold ideas.

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Think long term, taking pride in successes and being accountable for failures.

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Customer Focus

A relentless drive to deliver value to customers, building loyalty and innovation with better solutions.

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Timely decision-making with thorough, but swift, action. The amp is at eleven.

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Mere activity shouldn’t be conflated with delivering meaningful outcomes.

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