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The One Thing Missing From Your Holiday Checklist

Preparing for the holidays is nerve-racking: it’s the time when infrastructure, distribution, responsive design, and training work together to drive the metrics for your company. But there’s one thing that’s missing from that checklist, and it could be the difference between business today and business tomorrow.


How Mobile Advocacy Can Turn Showrooming Into Sales

The recent dismal earnings report from electronics big box giant Best Buy is another reminder of the shadow of showrooming that hangs over retailers everywhere. However, recent research opens up the possibility shows that smartphones might actually help electronics retailers turn a profit from showrooming.


Whether Online or In-store, Electronics Shoppers Want People–Now

Online and in-store operations are expected to and must be more integrated than ever before. For e-commerce marketers, this means, among other things, that their shoppers expect brand websites to have the same knowledgeable human engagement they get when they physically visit their favorite stores.


How Just-in-Time Advocate Marketing Can Help Your Trial Conversion Rates

Free trials that ultimately yield low conversion rates are costly, but they also speak to a major gap between the fulfilling experience you think customers should have during their trial, and what they’re actually experiencing. Adding some human engagement during the trial might be the secret to turning this situation around.


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